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I am visual artist and entrepreneur with a diverse background. My first profession was in makeup artistry based out of NYC, which took me to national and international sets surrounded by brilliant and talented professionals in the publishing and television industry for over 25 years. You can see more of my makeup artistry work at makeupguru.com  

My entrepreneurial effort continued in the beauty industry co-founding camerinocosmetics.com, a retail and service beauty brand with locations in 3 countries. 

Throughout my career I picked up photography and combining my makeup/hair skills with it, I have been doing some artistic portraits upon request for some special individuals.  

I have been painting, drawing and making experimental art since I can remember.  I discovered digital photography and video as a medium to create visual arts during the early 1990’s in NYC and I haven’t looked back since!

My style is definitely inspired by my culture ( Venezuelan and American) and the places where I grew up and lived (Caracas, London, NYC, Pennsylvania and Miami). 

My paintings are abstract with bold and contrasting colors, sometimes with complex and extensive layerings of geometrical forms as well as abstract splashes in different media and textures to create weaves of colors and moods. 

My photography style covers abstract plays of light, textures, nature scenes, macro florals, cars, animals and portraits. 

My experimental video art is based on some of my previous and current work, editing it via digital manipulations and creating a new emerging media art piece. I call them “Meditations of Color” based on elements like water and nature, depicting florals and making abstract compositions out of them.

Thanks for visiting my website and learning more about my work!